Volunteering for Desert Bus

I am a site volunteer this year at Desert Bus for Hope and while I’ve been here I’ve done a few things like, cleaning, helping feed people, running errands, going to the post office, random dance parties, Epic Rock Paper Scissors (in which I epicly fail), met some great people and helped them raise (as of right now) over $420,000 dollars for Childs Play Charity.

I got to travel to Victoria, British Columbia, in Canada to spend the week doing something good, fun, and cool with awesome people who all donate their time and energy to help sick children have better experiences when they have to be at the hospital, and support victims of domestic abuse.

I didn’t manage to take too many pictures, but here are the few that I did take:

I made some art for the shifts and one as an entry for a contest.

I had loads of fun, and we still have more to come.

Thank you to everyone at Desert Bus, Child’s Play, and LoadingReadyRun.