Pendants, Round 2

Some of these will be going to my Etsy site and some will be going to my sister’s gallery in Florida. They are so pretty! Snap one up before they are all gone! $35 a piece.

Wire necklace

RoundCarnPink1 RoundCarnPink2 RoundCht1 RoundCht2 RoundCht3 RoundCht4 RoundCht5 RoundChtFuschia1 RoundChtFuschia2 RoundLtPink1 RoundLtPink2a RoundNeoAvB1 RoundNeoAvB2 RoundRiverRock1 RoundRiverRock2 RoundSalmonFV1 RoundSalmonNeo1 RoundSalmonWW1