Funerary Art


I’ve had this idea of a soul “catcher” or container for at least a year, if not 2. In the past 2 years I have lost family members who are dear to me. Part of what I am learning and observing is that death is such a part of living and yet, our society generally wants to sanitize it and separate it from every day life. This is my way of making it a companion and not something to be feared. Life must be celebrated in every way. We all are born and we all will die.

I want to create something that will be its own entity artistically, but will tell the story of my loss and learning about how death and life are entwined. I want to create these items in a way that they are remnants of a society that is no longer active. An archeological find, that we are discovering and interpreting for ourselves. There will be symbols, figures, and items that we will not be able to know the true meaning of, but as a whole will speak to us about how these people lived and died.

This idea started with just a simple bowl – something that would be light (luminous) and substantive. Over time, it has evolved to become more. I realized my symbols could enrich the meaning behind these tools. I could create a full story that would share what I have learned, what I am learning, and even what I don’t know yet. I could bring peace to my sorrow and celebrate the lives that have ended.