Last Jewelry Class 2/28

We had our last class on Sunday. I was really sad for it to end, but it’s a new beginning for me. I am really proud of the work I produced and it has rekindled a creative drive that I had lost recently.

2016-02-28 22.27.12 2016-02-28 21.14.52

Yesterday, I received an invitation to attend a North Lands symposium/class with Jane Bruce this June. So, I will need to raise about $5,000 to pay for the tuition, flight, and lodgings. Please consider buying art or jewelry from me to help me go. I will have some new silver jewelry in my Etsy store this weekend (preview below)!



I’m taking a beginning jewelry class at Pratt Fine Arts Center on Sunday nights. I’ve been super excited about this class since I signed up for it in November. I have a sketch book with ideas of my own creation, ideas about what I can do for Desert Bus and just this morning, was inspired by friends on Twitter to create some Steven Universe jewelry.

I’m not giving up glass by any means, but I think I will be focusing more on jewelry sized pieces for now. Several of my ideas could very well be made into larger scale sculptures, so there’s a definite crossover between the two.

Peggy Foy is the teacher and is really nice. She has beautiful work and is on Handmade at Amazon. Her personal site is: and she has an Etsy site at:

Here’s my first go round with soldering copper rings:

soldering practice
Soldering practice. It’s a bit blurry, but you can see the joins. 



Volunteering for Desert Bus

I am a site volunteer this year at Desert Bus for Hope and while I’ve been here I’ve done a few things like, cleaning, helping feed people, running errands, going to the post office, random dance parties, Epic Rock Paper Scissors (in which I epicly fail), met some great people and helped them raise (as of right now) over $420,000 dollars for Childs Play Charity.

I got to travel to Victoria, British Columbia, in Canada to spend the week doing something good, fun, and cool with awesome people who all donate their time and energy to help sick children have better experiences when they have to be at the hospital, and support victims of domestic abuse.

I didn’t manage to take too many pictures, but here are the few that I did take:

I made some art for the shifts and one as an entry for a contest.

I had loads of fun, and we still have more to come.

Thank you to everyone at Desert Bus, Child’s Play, and LoadingReadyRun.

New Series, New Venture

From a Facebook post earlier this year I was inspired to watch the Dam Nation documentary (Netflix). What caught my attention was the “teaser” about Katie Lee and Glen Canyon. I watched that segment, and was immediately touched by what had been done there. I have done some research off and on in relation to Glen Canyon.

I’m not sure why I am so taken with the story, but I am. I have never visited. The closest I’ve ever come to a desert was being in Santa Fe for a class. We were supposed to go to Tent Rocks, but it was closed due to the government financial shenanigans in October of 2013.

Maybe it’s the idea that such beauty, history, and wonder were lost under the water. The rush to salvage as many artifacts as could be saved. I don’t know, but I know the Canyon’s story picks at me each time I look at pictures and read up on it’s history.

After one of my researches on the webs, I found a website that had a nicely documented trip down the Colorado, through Glen Canyon. I reached out to Phil and Keturah Pennington for permission to use their photos of Glen Canyon before it became Lake Powell. Phil has passed away, but his wife granted me permission. I am so very grateful for her generosity.

Donald and I were talking after attending PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) and we thought we would start live streaming my drawing sessions. I can share my drawing and work on my next glass ideas at the same time.

Below is my first session. I’ll be learning about how to work with the color, light and dark and translate it into a vision of my own. We will try to do this several times a week (Tu-Th-Sa, around 6:00 PT) at first then probably just once a week. But who knows, we’ll see. We can chat live while I draw.

New Studio!!

So I’m 95% moved in to my new studio in Ballard. I’m in a basement on NW 49th St. There are other artists on the same property, and it should be a pretty sweet deal. I’m very excited. I even have a “Bee Cam”… someone has a hive and it’s right across from one of my windows. Cool!!

I need to contact the electrician and then get everything set up. Wooo!!! If you can, come visit me!

Bee Cam!
Donald, my wonderful husband. (Photoshopped for modesty!)


Donald, my wonderful husband. (Photoshopped for modesty!)
The boys taking a much deserved break.