Jewelry Class 2/21

Second to last class. I have nearly finished my box ring and working on bezel settings for a stone from Lybster, Scotland and a glass cabachon. I will work on finishing all three in Friday’s lab time.

Box ring made from 18g sterling silver
Box ring made from 18g sterling silver
Bezel settings
Bezel settings

I’ve also re-opened my Patreon account. If you love, or even like, what I do you can support me for as little as $1 a month. Supporting the arts in any way makes the world a better place.

Jewelry Class 1/24


Sunday, we did some milling/rolling of metals. I used a fine tulle mess on the first pass, and then a corduroy fabric on the second pass on my silver. I also finished the soldering on my fish. It took 3 tries to get all the copper discs to solder on the fish, but I triumphed! We will probably copper plate the back to hide the silver solder. I will polish the front, and seal it with a lacquer to keep the wearer’s skin from turning colors.

 20160124_222045 20160124_213745

The curved silver pieces will be earrings next week. The strip of silver became of the 2 ear cuffs (below). I will take those back to Pratt to even out the curve so it’s a nice smooth circle.


I am really loving this class. I worked on some paper maquettes today for some pendant ideas I have. I’ll be doing some more with the bones theme.


Echos of a Past Life


20″ w x 6″ h. Bullseye glass sheet and powder/frit.

Inspired by the artifact salvage efforts from the flooding of Glen Canyon in Arizona caused by the Glen Canyon Dam in the 1960s. Teams of archeologists went in and rescued what had rested, untouched, in that canyon for 1,000 years. Pictographs, petroglyphs, dwellings, and beautiful canyons were lost under what is now Lake Powell. I was so touched by the story of this canyon (Dam Nation documentary on Netflix) that I felt a real need to create something to honor what had been there before.

Test Results and Sparklies

Here is the before and after of my first desert canyon test. Not what I was expecting, but I learned something important, which is always good. I fired this low and very slow (25+ hours!) and got a nice gloss that wasn’t too shiny, but kept a lot of detail in the texture.

I’ll be doing another test to keep more of the grain of the powder.

2015-09-18 10.31.56 2015-09-16 18.08.34

I’ve also made a batch of dichroic pendants! Check them out in my shop! So many sparklies!!


New Series, New Venture

From a Facebook post earlier this year I was inspired to watch the Dam Nation documentary (Netflix). What caught my attention was the “teaser” about Katie Lee and Glen Canyon. I watched that segment, and was immediately touched by what had been done there. I have done some research off and on in relation to Glen Canyon.

I’m not sure why I am so taken with the story, but I am. I have never visited. The closest I’ve ever come to a desert was being in Santa Fe for a class. We were supposed to go to Tent Rocks, but it was closed due to the government financial shenanigans in October of 2013.

Maybe it’s the idea that such beauty, history, and wonder were lost under the water. The rush to salvage as many artifacts as could be saved. I don’t know, but I know the Canyon’s story picks at me each time I look at pictures and read up on it’s history.

After one of my researches on the webs, I found a website that had a nicely documented trip down the Colorado, through Glen Canyon. I reached out to Phil and Keturah Pennington for permission to use their photos of Glen Canyon before it became Lake Powell. Phil has passed away, but his wife granted me permission. I am so very grateful for her generosity.

Donald and I were talking after attending PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) and we thought we would start live streaming my drawing sessions. I can share my drawing and work on my next glass ideas at the same time.

Below is my first session. I’ll be learning about how to work with the color, light and dark and translate it into a vision of my own. We will try to do this several times a week (Tu-Th-Sa, around 6:00 PT) at first then probably just once a week. But who knows, we’ll see. We can chat live while I draw.