Finished Charms

Here are some of my finished pendant charms. Some have already been sold, but you can find the others at my Etsy shop. They are a lot of fun to make, and take me about an hour to make each one, from start to finish.

A couple, like the Michigan state charm, were made-to-order. Contact me if you have one you’d like me to make for you!


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January 1st. I hope.

Move in date has been pushed to January 1, 2012.

In the meantime, I have purchased some new watercolor pencils and I have been administering self therapy.

I know the color is off on some of the pictures. Maybe Santa will bring me a new camera for Christmas.

Also, the studio is really shaping up. Maggie and I visited today:

Look! The door is *this* tall!

Tile Cutter!!! OMG!

OK, so I now have a new-ish tile cutter! OMG – so excited!

I’ve been busy at the Bee Gallery painting and creating. I’ll have some flat cat suncatchers to show off soon, new pendants or bracelets (depending on what I decide to do with the pieces) and I got some new tile molds and additional sushi plate molds.

So much to create and not enough time, kilns and energy to do them!

See them at my web store or on my Etsy site!

Flat Cats

Inspired by the doodlings of my daughter, I will be doing a series of “tiles” and will display and offer them for sale (via PayPal). I will have several different items available as I progress. Please enjoy and contact me for any custom work.