Fan Art: Journey

My first attempt at fan art, other than glass, is of my favorite video game, Journey, by thatgamecompany. They also make Flower, Flow & Cloud.

Whenever I am feeling particularly down, I play this game. The music and visuals are so beautiful, and the game play is not like any other game I have encountered. I always feel better after playing.

Journey, by thatgamecompany
Journey, by thatgamecompany

Bit of a hold up…

Just before my last post, I fell at the studio and fractured my right elbow (specifically my radial head) and then… I got a really bad cold. Knocked me right out. But I’m feeling much better now (I think I’ll go for a walk! LOL). My daughter will be assisting me until I can use my right arm again to cut glass, etc. and the key chains are a perfect little project to keep me going until then. I’ll make a little video about them and post it when I can.

Keep calm and carry on. :)

Key chain tests

I am testing the wiring for the key chains for my Indiegogo project & Desert Bus for Hope.

The green has copper wire, which is easier to work with, but I will need to double up on the loop to make it sturdy enough for everyday use.

The nickel-chromium wire on the blue one is fine as is, but it’s stiffer when bending. I will try one more test firing with doubled copper wire to make sure my keychains will last!

(As a little bonus, the keychains have an alter-ego as a pendant)

CoRK Side B

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Welcome to CoRK, Side B.