I’m not dead yet!

I think I will go for a walk…

And I have been – to work. I’ve been rather busy with work in the past year (year, really?!) and while I haven’t done as much glass and metal as I’d have liked, summer is coming and I’ll be back in the studio.

I haven’t been completely idle though…

Here are a few things I have drawn recently

IMG_20180415_230235 IMG_20180419_192408_132 IMG_20180425_220609_059

expect more of everything this summer and fall!

Fall is here

I noticed yesterday that the ambient light had changed. It is still as bright, but somehow softer. Something distinct, but very subtle. A whisper. I see it, but I don’t know what it is.

It’s hard to believe it’s nearly October – 6 months since I moved here permanently. I feel like I’m settling in pretty well. I have a good studio, I’m starting to sell more of the pendants. I have ideas on how to expand my product line and ideas on new art to create. I am going to Victoria in November to volunteer for my favorite fundraiser: Desert Bus for Hope.

Life is moving a long, and I am happy.


Buying Handmade

I love owning/buying/having things that are made by people I know. It makes the item that I wanted that much more special. It reminds me of how great it is to have creative people in my life.

Through the Fire, 2013. Show I co-hosted at CoRK, Jacksonville, FL.

As I delve deeper into this creative life, I am discovering so much.

How lucky are we to be able to receive a created thing – something made with skill and passion?


How lucky are we to be able to take that creative delight, that inspiration, and share it with our friends and families.


How lucky are we, that we get invited – invited – to see what the creators see, glimpses of their hearts and minds?

The original drawings
The original drawings

I say this from both the creator’s and the buyer’s experience. We should really promote what is handmade because it’s more than just making something to sell. The creator is making something they love. They will make it whether it is purchased or not. What they make, a lot of times, makes the world we live in better – more thoughtful, more cared for, more connected, and better crafted.

I am grateful to be a creator, and I am happy to be a buyer of creations.

Outside my studio at CoRK.
Outside my studio at CoRK.


Some of my co-creators. I am so lucky.

Kirin and I, playing with glass
Explore Santa Fe with Ted Sawyer, October 2013. Bullseye Glass
Explore New York with Ted Sawyer, October 2014. Bullseye Glass
Life Drawing at CoRK Jacksonville, FL
Shifting Perspectives with Carrie Iverson and Jeremy Scidmore, North Lands Creative.
Shifting Perspectives with Carrie Iverson and Jeremy Scidmore, North Lands Creative.


Getting my Sea legs

I’m settling into life here in Seattle. My first challenge – the hills! Man, oh man, are there some steep hills around here! But, I’m getting stronger everyday and soon I will wonder why I was such a crybaby at first. 🙂

It’s also time to start looking for a creative space. I visited Pratt Fine Arts today and it’s an amazing facility. I’m also looking at Bulleye‘s class schedule and deciding on what I want to do first.

I’m beginning to feel the separation from family and friends. As much as I looked forward to being in Seattle, I’ve reached that transitional stage where I start reaching out and making new friends and missing the ones on the other side of the country.

Cross your fingers I can find an individual studio space as well. Right now, I have to work within the parameters of using other people’s equipment, which requires me to plan. Planning my creativity? What is that?!

I will have pictures to post of new work – just give me another month. 🙂

Until then, here are some photos of my cats after their long flight.

IMG_2414 IMG_2408