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If you want one of my flora and fauna illustrations, you can purchase them here:

Iris bud-framed small
6″ x 6″ watercolor in an 8″ x 8″ frame. It has a glass cover and is backed with an acid-free board.
Lithops Optica-framed small
4″ x 4″ marker & watercolor in a 5″ x 5″ frame. It has a glass cover and is backed with an acid-free board.
Brown Cactus Bird-Framed Small
4″ x 4″ marker & watercolor in an 5″ x 5″ frame. It has a glass cover and is backed with an acid-free board.

I’m not dead yet!

I think I will go for a walk…

And I have been – to work. I’ve been rather busy with work in the past year (year, really?!) and while I haven’t done as much glass and metal as I’d have liked, summer is coming and I’ll be back in the studio.

I haven’t been completely idle though…

Here are a few things I have drawn recently

IMG_20180415_230235 IMG_20180419_192408_132 IMG_20180425_220609_059

expect more of everything this summer and fall!

Lemons, Lemonade, and More!

It’s not really lemons, but I do love it when something goes wrong and I am able to redirect and make something really beautiful.

I was working on a new amber & silver necklace, and I accidentally dropped the glass on my concrete floor in the studio. And, of course, it chipped the corner. Crap.


So, I dug around in my jewelry glass. I cut 2 pieces and after grinding they ended up too small. Ugh.

Dug around some more and got inspired by my dichroic glass. Not inline with what I was going to do, but a beautiful redirect into something gorgeous. Out of curiosity, I tried fitting the “bezel” of the amber glass into the box I had made for another piece of glass, and it was a fit!

The results:


I still have to fire the dichroic glass, but it’s really great looking unfired!


I have also started working on my new glass art pieces. I’m playing around with design ideas and testing frit glass firings.

Glass from North Lands International Symposium 2016.


2016-08-04 12.30.44
I love how you can see the layers of clear and color.
2016-08-04 12.32.23
These are surprisingly colorful because I didn’t use a lot of color frit in these.
2016-08-04 12.29.37
They look edible!

Little nuggets that will lead me to some interesting idea implementations.


I also finished this illustration:

2016-08-03 17.34.54


And… I’ll be starting on my ornaments soon:

2016-08-02 13.19.12


And a little happiness to wrap up this post. I love the sound my earrings make:

There’s Freedom in this Cage.


My first real venture with my new Winsor &Newton pigment markers on their marker paper. The paper is kind of like yupo, a plastic paper, in that the marks kind of sit on the surface and aren’t really absorbed. I can use my fingers and brushes to move the ink around before it dries. Because they aren’t really absorbed, whenever I make a new mark, it can pick up what I had already laid down. Challenging.

I was feeling frustrated with my progress and this helped me work it out.