Finished Charms

Here are some of my finished pendant charms. Some have already been sold, but you can find the others at my Etsy shop. They are a lot of fun to make, and take me about an hour to make each one, from start to finish.

A couple, like the Michigan state charm, were made-to-order. Contact me if you have one you’d like me to make for you!


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Last Jewelry Class 2/28

We had our last class on Sunday. I was really sad for it to end, but it’s a new beginning for me. I am really proud of the work I produced and it has rekindled a creative drive that I had lost recently.

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Yesterday, I received an invitation to attend a North Lands symposium/class with Jane Bruce this June. So, I will need to raise about $5,000 to pay for the tuition, flight, and lodgings. Please consider buying art or jewelry from me to help me go. I will have some new silver jewelry in my Etsy store this weekend (preview below)!


Jewelry Class 2/21

Second to last class. I have nearly finished my box ring and working on bezel settings for a stone from Lybster, Scotland and a glass cabachon. I will work on finishing all three in Friday’s lab time.

Box ring made from 18g sterling silver
Box ring made from 18g sterling silver
Bezel settings
Bezel settings

I’ve also re-opened my Patreon account. If you love, or even like, what I do you can support me for as little as $1 a month. Supporting the arts in any way makes the world a better place.

Jewelry Class 1/31 -2/14

Sorry for not posting! We moved apartments in the same building, so we’ve been busy!
Here are the shots from the last 3 weeks:

1/31 Made this ear cuff. Sold it!
1/31 Made this ear cuff. Sold it!
2/7 Started 4 ear cuffs.
2/7 Started 4 ear cuffs.
2/7 Box ring started
2/7 Box ring started
2/7 Finished my earrings.
2/7 Finished my earrings.
4 ear cuffs, completed in Friday’s lab, 2/12. Sold 1!
2/14 Half way on my box ring
2/14 Half way on my box ring

I also started on a bezel setting. Will show pictures of that when I am done.

Jewelry Class 1/24


Sunday, we did some milling/rolling of metals. I used a fine tulle mess on the first pass, and then a corduroy fabric on the second pass on my silver. I also finished the soldering on my fish. It took 3 tries to get all the copper discs to solder on the fish, but I triumphed! We will probably copper plate the back to hide the silver solder. I will polish the front, and seal it with a lacquer to keep the wearer’s skin from turning colors.

 20160124_222045 20160124_213745

The curved silver pieces will be earrings next week. The strip of silver became of the 2 ear cuffs (below). I will take those back to Pratt to even out the curve so it’s a nice smooth circle.


I am really loving this class. I worked on some paper maquettes today for some pendant ideas I have. I’ll be doing some more with the bones theme.


Jewelry Class 1/17

I used some silver wire that my mom had back in college to make the ring. I have a fair amount of 18g silver sheet that I will be using to create new things as I progress in class (next week earrings!). It’s a simple ring, and it’s kind of cool I am wearing something she once worked with too.

I hadn’t used a jeweler’s saw in a long time and worried that I would be breaking blades right and left when cutting out the brass fish. But I am proud to say, I didn’t break any! I will be sweat soldering the fish to the copper circles next week, since I ran out of time this week. The copper circles were made using a punch and hammer.

I’m really, really looking forward to making more things.

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20160117_212926 20160117_201258


I’m taking a beginning jewelry class at Pratt Fine Arts Center on Sunday nights. I’ve been super excited about this class since I signed up for it in November. I have a sketch book with ideas of my own creation, ideas about what I can do for Desert Bus and just this morning, was inspired by friends on Twitter to create some Steven Universe jewelry.

I’m not giving up glass by any means, but I think I will be focusing more on jewelry sized pieces for now. Several of my ideas could very well be made into larger scale sculptures, so there’s a definite crossover between the two.

Peggy Foy is the teacher and is really nice. She has beautiful work and is on Handmade at Amazon. Her personal site is: and she has an Etsy site at:

Here’s my first go round with soldering copper rings:

soldering practice
Soldering practice. It’s a bit blurry, but you can see the joins.