I have known about laser cutting for certain metals, but thought that silver was not able to be cut by lasers because of certain refractive (?) properties. Turns out I was wrong! It just has to be a certain kind of laser.

Et voilá!

2017-08-01 18.07.01

2017-08-01 18.07.25

This makes me soooo happy. To have the precision of the shapes as I designed them is just perfection. All I need to do is polish/texture them and solder on the wires, pin backs, or jump rings. BOOM.

Glass Rivets

So I did a little test and it led to these beauties:

2017-04-20 15.11.47 2017-04-20 15.02.25

I have to be careful when creating these, because the glass doesn’t like to be unevenly heated, but because they are so small, it works out perfectly. I was also concerned about the silver fuming and staining the glass, but so far, the clear does just fine. I will definitely have to be careful with the colors I use because of the silver fumes staining the glass and testing which colors work best.

In addition to the glass rivets, I am working on a wearable and a sculptural piece for a possible Seattle Metals Guild show.

New Design Series

I have a new jewelry design series that I’m absolutely in love with! I have all of these available in my Etsy shop for easy purchase.

Plus, another new design I will be making more of also with an ocean/coral reef theme:


New design & photo booth


I just got in my first photo booth or tent and I am so happy I finally bought one. Here are the first two pictures with my real camera (not my phone) of my new design:

CircleEarrings1 CircleEarrings2

I have more earrings on the way, and will be making pendants too.

The inspiration for this new line is a work in progress ring. I’m almost there, but not quite.

RaspRing RaspRing2


I took a weekend class at Danaca Design on riveting with Kirk Lang 2 weeks ago. I think this will become an integral part of my jewelry and glass art. So effective and fairly simple, it allows me to connect my glass and metal without the worry of applying heat to the glass and potential shattering.

SeaBlue_Pendant GPurplePendant

I have 3 more pendants ready to be put together. I am remaking the bail on the red one since the metal I used to make the one pictured was not the right gauge for the piece.

RedOpaline_Pendant 2017-01-14 11.29.53


I’ve done a lot of traveling this fall. Spent about 2 months back in Florida to help take care of my dad, who was ill, and mom, followed by our scheduled Cowart family vacation in St. Augustine. Then Donald was off to Vancouver, BC for 3 weeks (and I got to visit!). Then the last 2 weeks I’ve been with my good friend Kym from Brisbane, Australia taking a glass class at Bullseye with Silvia Levenson and touring the beautiful Oregon coast between Astoria and Florence. Not much time to be creative.

But, I do have some new bits to share:

img_3141 img_3159 img_3187 img_3130 img_3242 img_3198

To see them all, go to my Etsy site and have fun shopping!

The class with Silvia renewed my confidence to work with mold making, so I’ll be setting that up for me to do. I’ve got some ideas that really need to become physical objects.

Lemons, Lemonade, and More!

It’s not really lemons, but I do love it when something goes wrong and I am able to redirect and make something really beautiful.

I was working on a new amber & silver necklace, and I accidentally dropped the glass on my concrete floor in the studio. And, of course, it chipped the corner. Crap.


So, I dug around in my jewelry glass. I cut 2 pieces and after grinding they ended up too small. Ugh.

Dug around some more and got inspired by my dichroic glass. Not inline with what I was going to do, but a beautiful redirect into something gorgeous. Out of curiosity, I tried fitting the “bezel” of the amber glass into the box I had made for another piece of glass, and it was a fit!

The results:


I still have to fire the dichroic glass, but it’s really great looking unfired!


I have also started working on my new glass art pieces. I’m playing around with design ideas and testing frit glass firings.

Glass from North Lands International Symposium 2016.


2016-08-04 12.30.44
I love how you can see the layers of clear and color.
2016-08-04 12.32.23
These are surprisingly colorful because I didn’t use a lot of color frit in these.
2016-08-04 12.29.37
They look edible!

Little nuggets that will lead me to some interesting idea implementations.


I also finished this illustration:

2016-08-03 17.34.54


And… I’ll be starting on my ornaments soon:

2016-08-02 13.19.12


And a little happiness to wrap up this post. I love the sound my earrings make:

New Work & Art Walk


Courtesy of Peggy Foy (Arcana Metalwork), I showed at my first Pioneer Square Art Walk on June 2. It was fun, and I sold 5 pieces. It was good to hear comments about my work from strangers, and it gave me more confidence to keep on creating.

2016-06-01 17.03.48 2016-05-25 21.37.01 2016-06-01 23.02.37

I had a couple of new items to offer, that haven’t made it to my Etsy site yet. All three of these will be up on the site by Monday. Each of these represents a part of what I love to make: delightfully, dangly glass earrings (they make a lovely tinkling sound), all things marine life reflecting my love of water, and the clean, contemporary design of the silver and amber glass that just makes my heart sing. Make sure you click on each image to get a close-up view of all the wonderful details they contain.