New pendants

A little experiment turned into a new product!

I draw my original art on each pendant, and with a little bit of science (glass color chemistry), the image transforms into beautiful piece of jewelry for you! The blue pieces are created on a color shifting glass that changes from blue to lavender depending on what kind of light it’s in. (Get ’em on Etsy!)

New Work for an Optometry Office

Here is a piece I am working on for Dr. Carvell & Associates. It will go in the waiting area of the new office. I love going to see Dr. Carvell for my eye care, and I highly recommend them if you are in need (I’ve been going to them for years).


Each panel is 21×14. There will be an additional stripe of color going through the middle when I am done. I often draw my designs full-scale before cutting the glass. This way I know how much glass I will need when ordering and cutting.