I think it’s reset time for me. I had a great time in New York and it’s really put me in a place to create again. I won’t be moving to the new studio, but working in my studio at home. This is a GOOD thing and it doesn’t mean I will be any less involved at CoRK or elsewhere, just concentrating on creating smaller work that will be more experimental – stretching myself to focus my artistic voice.

IMG_2169 IMG_2168 IMG_2166

IMG_2193 IMG_2160

Patreon – A Patronage Site

I’ve signed up for (, a website where appreciators can support creators. Jack Conte says it better:

Patreon is a website that helps artists make money. It’s crowdfunding on an ongoing basis for a creator. So, imagine it’s a subscription Kickstarter campaign that just keeps going. And instead of aiming towards one lofty goal that’s thousands of dollars, you’re asking for less money more often so that you can keep putting videos or web comics or recipes out on the internet. – Jack Conte, founder of Patreon.

You can be a patron of the arts with as little as $1 month. How sweet is that?! Or you can do more. Some people sign up for paying per project, some by the month, or you can do a combo of both, by signing up per project and capping your monthly spending so you don’t go over budget. Win-Win!!

I would love for you to become my patron. There are some preset levels of patronage, and depending on how much you donate, you’ll be the first to see new projects, get a free key chain, or even a free limited edition production piece of my glass art!

I think the hardest part for me will be to NOT share everything with everyone, because I love sharing! I will still share a fair amount of what I’m doing here, but it will be secondary to my Patreon patrons.

Anyway – take a look


Pendant Classes

It’s been a weird summer… not a lot of productivity, however…

I met Jane Bruce at the Bullseye RCNY for a critique class. She’s AWESOME.

I’m moving to a new studio across the street in October. Yay!! More kilns!

I’ve started having pendant classes! Details are below. The next 2 are Friday 8/22 @ 7 pm and Saturday 9/6 @ 1 pm.

Pendant Class

Make your own fused glass pendant using “part sheets” (pre-fired, patterned glass), color, and specialty glass. You will learn about the range of effects you can achieve with kilnformed (fused) glass and design your pendant(s) from start to finish.

All supplies, plus one Sterling silver chain included. No prior experience necessary.

$40 for a single pendant, $25 per additional pendant. A deposit of $20 is required to secure your place. PayPal email is helenc *at* elemental *dot* name.

5 student maximum.

Revisions & Visions

I have new art up on my Etsy – go buy something!

I revisited these panels and here they are finished:

BlueSky, Green Leaves I-wp BlueSky, Green Leaves II-wp

(I’ve gained new respect for those who photograph glass professionally after updating my portfolio site.)

I’m also working out some ideas involving casting, audio, LEDs, & arduinos in line with my idea about reliquaries.

I’m finalizing my plans for a trip the to the Bullseye Resource Center NY in Mamaroneck. I’m pretty stoked about this one because it’s a salon/discussion/critique session. I’ve been feeling very stuck and directionless for the past couple months. I’m hoping getting feedback from other glass artists who have not seen my work before will be a good check for me and help me on my way to find my artistic voice.

Jeremy Scidmore, one of the instructors from my North Lands class, offered this advice:

Here’s a tough question.  “What do you want to personally get out of your art?”

Next question is “What do you want the viewer to get out of it?”

I sometimes find the easiest way to go about answering these questions is by isolating myself and writing it down in list form and then flesh out paragraphs from that.

I think this will be a great tool to use continually to keep me focused and going in the direction I want/need to go with my art.

I may be moving to a new studio in September. If I do, it will me I can have EVERY kiln up and running! Wooooo! But I have to save my pennies for the deposit and 1st month’s rent. Help a girl out and buy some glass! :D

Tiny Grass Dreaming

Its funny what will spark ideas. I was reading one of those internet lists of funny translations and came across this:

Dreaming Grass

I love the idea that grass could dream. So, I’m running with it.

Test panels for Tiny Grass Dreaming.

Tiny Grass Dreaming tests


And while I was at it, I revisited one of my river panels. I think I definitely needed to add more to them. The right one will be revised as well.


River Series green


Strength, Courage, and Determination & 3 little experiments


Each of these people represent Strength, Courage and Determination. Living through the things they are dealing with and have dealt with… I can’t imagine how they are still such joyful, loving people. I’m blessed to know them.

Each of these portraits will be coldworked by hand, layered with white with black drawings, and subtly colored backgrounds. And maybe an acid bath before finishing.  This is just the first step.

I’m looking forward to the process of honoring their lives.


Below are a few recent experiments. I acid etched the outer two before firing, and the middle has black and grey powder for the drawing.


Catching up.

I’ve been a busy bee, sorry for not sharing while I’ve been creating!

I’m also planning on some trips for classes to the Bullseye Resource Center, New York in Mamaroneck, NY this summer and fall.

12 months ago…

Last May started a year of events that has been life changing. I scootered with my scooter friends up to ride the Tail of the Dragon and other assorted windy roads in North Carolina. I conquered my fears of flying off the side of the mountain (sort of) and I’m really proud of that achievement. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Then I went to Portland for my first BECon in June. I got to see and hear a lot of great art and people and I was introduced to North Lands Creative Glass in Lybster, Scotland. Louise Tait stirred my desire to travel to that far place.

Then in October, a last minute cancellation opened the door to another game changer. I got to attend the Explore Santa Fe with Ted Sawyer at the Sana Fe Bullseye Resource Center. I met a group of wonderful artists that I am still in touch with. I learned a new technique that has opened the door to my growth as an artist.

Finally, I was able to go to Scotland this past March. What an amazing place, it really took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me. I learned how to cast glass, and work with printed images in multiple layers. I have another group of incredible artists I can now call friends. I fell in love with North Lands and Lybster. I have to go back.

I think my time at North Lands has given me a new sense of confidence, something I haven’t felt in a LONG time. Of course, all of this past year has built it me up and positioned me to fly. And fly I will. I just have to be patient enough to do it right.

BTW, new work: