New Series, New Venture

From a Facebook post earlier this year I was inspired to watch the Dam Nation documentary (Netflix). What caught my attention was the “teaser” about Katie Lee and Glen Canyon. I watched that segment, and was immediately touched by what had been done there. I have done some research off and on in relation to Glen Canyon.

I’m not sure why I am so taken with the story, but I am. I have never visited. The closest I’ve ever come to a desert was being in Santa Fe for a class. We were supposed to go to Tent Rocks, but it was closed due to the government financial shenanigans in October of 2013.

Maybe it’s the idea that such beauty, history, and wonder were lost under the water. The rush to salvage as many artifacts as could be saved. I don’t know, but I know the Canyon’s story picks at me each time I look at pictures and read up on it’s history.

After one of my researches on the webs, I found a website that had a nicely documented trip down the Colorado, through Glen Canyon. I reached out to Phil and Keturah Pennington for permission to use their photos of Glen Canyon before it became Lake Powell. Phil has passed away, but his wife granted me permission. I am so very grateful for her generosity.

Donald and I were talking after attending PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) and we thought we would start live streaming my drawing sessions. I can share my drawing and work on my next glass ideas at the same time.

Below is my first session. I’ll be learning about how to work with the color, light and dark and translate it into a vision of my own. We will try to do this several times a week (Tu-Th-Sa, around 6:00 PT) at first then probably just once a week. But who knows, we’ll see. We can chat live while I draw.

Buying Handmade

I love owning/buying/having things that are made by people I know. It makes the item that I wanted that much more special. It reminds me of how great it is to have creative people in my life.


Through the Fire, 2013. Show I co-hosted at CoRK, Jacksonville, FL.

As I delve deeper into this creative life, I am discovering so much.

How lucky are we to be able to receive a created thing – something made with skill and passion?


How lucky are we to be able to take that creative delight, that inspiration, and share it with our friends and families.


How lucky are we, that we get invited - invited - to see what the creators see, glimpses of their hearts and minds?

The original drawings

The original drawings

I say this from both the creator’s and the buyer’s experience. We should really promote what is handmade because it’s more than just making something to sell. The creator is making something they love. They will make it whether it is purchased or not. What they make, a lot of times, makes the world we live in better – more thoughtful, more cared for, more connected, and better crafted.

I am grateful to be a creator, and I am happy to be a buyer of creations.

Outside my studio at CoRK.

Outside my studio at CoRK.


Some of my co-creators. I am so lucky.


Kirin and I, playing with glass


Explore Santa Fe with Ted Sawyer, October 2013. Bullseye Glass

Explore New York with Ted Sawyer, October 2014. Bullseye Glass


Life Drawing at CoRK Jacksonville, FL

Shifting Perspectives with Carrie Iverson and Jeremy Scidmore, North Lands Creative.

Shifting Perspectives with Carrie Iverson and Jeremy Scidmore, North Lands Creative.


New Studio!!

So I’m 95% moved in to my new studio in Ballard. I’m in a basement on NW 49th St. There are other artists on the same property, and it should be a pretty sweet deal. I’m very excited. I even have a “Bee Cam”… someone has a hive and it’s right across from one of my windows. Cool!!

I need to contact the electrician and then get everything set up. Wooo!!! If you can, come visit me!


Bee Cam!


Donald, my wonderful husband. (Photoshopped for modesty!)


Donald, my wonderful husband. (Photoshopped for modesty!)

The boys taking a much deserved break. 


Taking the plunge – I am realizing that I have become a lot less directly interactive with my friends, less of a friend myself. I think, in part, that is due to my reliance on Facebook to connect me with people and really, that’s not good. So, I am going to try to limit my FB time. I won’t say how much I will limit myself because it’s going to be a REAL challenge, but I hope it will be pretty drastic.

I’m feeling the need to relearn how to be a good friend. So, I will be using phone, emails, and texts to connect with people and will work to have better relationships with everyone. I’m not shutting down my account, but putting on the back burner.

Because friends and family are important to me.

So… email me, text me, or call me directly. All my contact info is easily found out here on the webs. <3

Ping Pong

Artists don’t always work in a singular fashion. Between pendant sessions, I’m thinking of other art that I am planning out. Here’s an illustrator “sketch” of some of the design ideas:

Symbols Layout

I’m still figuring out how I will incorporate these symbols and how they are to be written. This is just an idea of the writing.